Organization profile

The Graduate Business Department is dedicated to the continuing development of learning at post-graduate level and supports the co-ordination and delivery of a professional doctorate, namely the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). The DBA aims to prepare mid-career executives to perform at the highest level of management practice. Specifically, the course enables students to understand prevailing practices at the core of their field of research; to acquire the necessary understanding and expertise in appropriate research design, data-collection methods and data-analysis techniques; to enable students to conduct, write-up and disseminate high-quality research of doctoral standard; and to achieve a greater level of effectiveness as a professional practitioner in managing business innovation and change. It aims to enhance the candidate’s knowledge, analytical, conceptual, and critical thinking skills, and research competencies required to lead organisations facing a complex, competitive, global business environment. The aim is to produce high-quality doctoral research on authentic business and managerial issues that arise from the need to more effectively manage technology, innovation and change in an Irish, European and global business context.