Future Internet for Electric Mobility in the Smart Grid

Jesse Kielthy, Miguel Ponce de Leon, Jonas Fluhr, Fiona Williams, Matthias Sund

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    With the threat of natural energy resources being significantly depleted and, coupled with the global drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ICT communications can help to provide solutions for increased and more efficient energy usage. If electricity is produced more and more from renewable resources then the CO2 emissions from energy generation can be significantly reduced. The introduction of electric vehicles can contribute to both to environmentally friendly travel and contribute to valuable energy storage possibility enabling the efficient use of energy from renewable sources. Fundamental for the deployment of electrical vehicles is the availability of a reliable charging infrastructure. The integration of the charging infrastructure in the evolving smart electrical grid and in the transport infrastructure is an important issue and requires information exchange between the grid infrastructure, the transport infrastructure, the vehicle information systems and the charging points using a sophisticate communication network infrastructure. Furthermore new services and functions like optimized routing of electrical vehicles based on the battery status, the current traffic situation and the availability of charging services and predicting the energy need for charging in a certain region based on the traffic patterns of the electric vehicles in this area have to be considered. This paper describes the methodology chosen within FINSENY to develop Future Internet technologies as an answer to electric mobility challenges. Several use cases are discussed along with initial requirements that were derived as part of the analysis phase. The paper concludes by giving an outlook on the immediate and long term challenges of e-mobility and a discussion about further work for this project.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalFuture Network & Mobile Summit
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2012


    • electric vehicles, Smart Grid, future internet, FINSENY, e-mobility, electric mobility, vehicle-to-grid (v2g)


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