Investigating Adolescent Physical Activity Patterns including the Role played by Local Authorities with a Case study of three Irish Towns

Walter Doyle

    Research output: Types of ThesisMaster's Thesis


    This study examined adolescent physical activity patterns; physical activities and location. Also included was the role played by local authorities in providing facilities and funding. The role of the family in encouraging adolescents to be physically activity and whether adolescents are interested in physical activity participation were also included. A mixed method approach was selected in which three towns of similar size and population were chosen. Interviews were conducted with local authority officials and questionnaires and activity diaries were distributed to adolescent participants within these towns. Findings show that adolescent respondents expressed an interest to participate in physical activity. Participants also conveyed that they participate in an array of physical activities, in particular GAA. However, differences did occur, with boys appearing to be more physically active than girls. Other results show that active transportation, walking and cycling, were not popular as a means of transportation. Declining levels of physical activity were found as participants progressed in age and through education. Facilities and amenities are available for adolescents to engage in physical activity, in particular playing pitches which were the most popular location for physical activities. Local authorities although curtailed financially, do play a role in the provision of facilities but their role appears to be changing from direct provision to a facilitator of facilities. The overall conclusion of this study is that adolescents are interested and do participate in physical activities. The role played by the GAA in this study was important; with GAA activities the most popular and playing pitches the most likely location. Local authority involvement in adolescent physical activity is important, providing some facilities, funding to local organisations and through zoning land for recreation.
    Original languageEnglish
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    • Connor, Sean, Supervisor
    Publication statusSubmitted - 2010


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