Men on the Move’- A qualitative investigation into the broader impacts of a 12-week community based physical activity programme

Aisling Keohane

    Research output: Types of ThesisMaster's Thesis


    Background Supporting men to care for their health poses unique challenges for service providers. However, when the approach is right; men are willing to engage positively with their health. Men on the Move [MOM] is a 12-week community-based PA programme underpinned by current evidence of engaging men with their health. The purpose of this study was to gain deeper insights into men’s lived experience of the programme and its broader impact on their health and lives. Methods 32 Interviews and one focus group were conducted with MOM participants. A phenomenological approach using thematic analysis was used to analyse the data that emerged from the interviews and focus group. 10 transcriptions were independently coded resulting in a list of codes. Selective coding unified the codes into a related core category. These categories were later built into a framework. Three supervisors assisted with this. Additional transcripts (n=22) were analysed using the framework to ensure consistent analysis. Any new emerging codes/themes were accounted for and considered for addition to the framework. Results Preliminary findings reveal 4 emerging themes; 1) Disconnection describes how MOM acted as a catalyst for men to [re]connect with themselves, their families and with others; 2) The context of MOM with regards to [re]-connection looks at the overarching factors needed for men to overcome disconnection and achieve [re]connection. This theme is a key influence in themes 1, 3 and 4; 3)The meaning of connection explores what the term ‘connection’ meant for participants; 4) The impact of connection highlights the impact MOM had on the men’s overall health and wellbeing as well as the wider impact of MOM on family life. Conclusion Findings indicate that participation in MOM has a far-reaching impact beyond the physical benefits. MOM offers men opportunities for education, acts as a gateway to other local health and social services and it is a safe starting point for men of all backgrounds to (re)engage with their health. The findings provide valuable insights to the wider development of public health interventions for priority male population groups. Main Message A group physical activity programme provides a platform for men to re-engage with their health.
    Original languageEnglish
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    • Carroll, Paula, Supervisor
    • Harrison, Michael, Supervisor
    • Robertson, Steve, Supervisor, External person
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2020


    • Community based physical activity programme


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