‘Music and Nature’ A Folio of Original Compositions for Various Instruments with Detailed Analyses Volume 1

Rowan Sherlock

    Research output: Types of ThesisMaster's Thesis


    The basis of this thesis is a portfolio of eight original compositions with analyses of each individual composition. All of the compositions have been composed under the working title of ‘Nature and Music’; the compositions include solo works, works for small and large ensembles ranging from solo violin, piano, to small wind ensemble, to large orchestra. These works are a continuation of the development of compositional skill and style which I learned and developed at undergraduate level. They have all been based on various aspects of nature; water, trees, wind etc. This submission has been divided into two volumes: Volume 1 This contains the analyses of all eight compositions. Each analysis is presented under the following headings: · Introduction · Analysis · Compositional Approach · Rhythmic Techniques · Harmonic Style · Formal Structures · Instrumentation/Orchestration · Sonorities/Texture/Timbre Volume 2 This contains the scores of all of the eight compositions, presenting the analyses under the same headings as volume 1. This volume also includes the conclusion and bibliography. An accompanying CD containing MIDI tracks and recordings of the works accompanies volume 2, along with a separate DVD featuring a visual clip to accompany ‘Drips’ CD Track List Track: Title: File Type: Track 1: Babbling Brook Recording Track 2: Storm at Sea Recording Track 3: Drips Recording Track 4: Still Water Recording Track 5: Changing of the Seasons Live Recording Track 6: Voice of the Trees MIDI Sequence Track 7: Incendios Forestales! MIDI Sequence Track 8: Mechanical Wind MIDI Sequence (N.B: some of the MIDI versions of these pieces have not performed the exact changes in tempi which I have indicated within the music) DVD: This features a visual clip which was created to accompany ‘Drips’ as part of a collaboration project – the MIDI track did not perform the changes in tempi, however the visual is intended to be used as an accompaniment for live performance of the piece. This collaboration was completed with Ruth Flynn, a Visual Art MA student of WIT.
    Original languageEnglish
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    • Ingoldsby, Marian, Supervisor
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2014


    • Music composition


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